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Ngon Garden launches bánh xèo Hòa Bình (peace sizzling crepe)

Stunning: Ngon Garden presents the painting titled ’Thanh Co Loa’ (Co Loa Citadel) to the DPRK delegation who were in Ha Noi for the DPRK-US summit. Photos courtesy of Ngon Garden
Viet Nam News

After a delegation from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) enjoyed a luncheon at Ngon Garden in Ha Noi last week, the restaurant decided to launch one of its specialties banh xeo Hoa Binh (peace sizzling crepe) to mark this event, said restaurant owner Pham Bich Hanh.

The 30-member delegation was in Ha Noi for the DPRK-US summit and went to Ngon Garden, one of most beautiful views and luxurious restaurants on Ha Noi’s 70 Nguyen Du Street in the downtown.

They were served with Vietnamese traditional dishes such as banh xeo Ngon Garden,  nem cua be  (sea crab spring rolls) be chao Moc Chau (fried Moc Chau’s meat of young cattle, or veal), bo nuong Nha Trang (Nha Trang’s grilled beef) and many others.

All the DPRK guests expressed impression on all the dishes, particularly the banh xeo which has its special aromatic flavour that they said they have never had enjoyed before, said Hanh.

Head of the delegation, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the WPK Ri Su-yong, expressed thanks to the restaurant, praising the Vietnamese dish for its very delicious taste.

They said Ngon Garden was an ambassador for Vietnamese cuisine.

Banh xeo was among the dishes that won most interest by the dinners, said Ri, noting that they would return to the restaurant next time.

To mark such memorial event, the restaurant named the dish: banh xeo hoa binh (peace banh xeo).

“The dish would become a bridge for peace, and friendship. We are very proud to contribute a small effort in introducing our Vietnamese cuisine to the world via the summit held in Ha Noi,” said Hanh. 

She presented a Vietnamese painting titled Thanh Co Loa (Co Loa Citadel) by painter Lam Duc Manh as a gift to the delegation.

“The painting of Ha Noi’s historical prestige, would remind the guests to remember about Viet Nam’s capital, a city for peace.

“Ngon Garden’s dinning room that the DPRK delegation enjoyed the dishes is also named Hoa Binh to express our memory and also towards close relations between the two countries,” Hanh, who is also a Vietnamese culinary artist, said.

From now on diners and visitors that enjoy banh xeo Hoa Binh at Ngon Garden will be presented a postcard printed this Co Loa Citadel painting, Hanh said.—VNS



Peace of history: Ngon Garden’s banh xeo is now named banh xeo hoa binh (peace sizzing crepe). It was the most popular dish at the restaurant among the DPRK delegation.
If these walls could talk: A corner of the dinning room where the DPRK delegation enjoyed their traditional Vietnamese dishes at Ngon Garden.
Something smells fishy: Cha ca lang (grilled lang fish) at Ngon Garden is also among tasty and delicious dishes.
Place where dreams come true: A corner view of the beautiful and luxurious Ngon Garden Restaurant on Ha Noi’s 70 Nguyen Du Street.
Completely unique: Ngon Garden’s salad is quite different from others for its fresh and aromatic flavour.
Deep honour: Ngon Garden owner Pham Bich Hanh ( red jacket) presents the Co Loa Citadel painting to the DPRK delegation.

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