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Bò lụi – a Thốt Nốt speciality not to be missed

Dig in: Diners enjoying their meals at Tu Huong Beef Restaurant. Photo vinalo.com
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By Viet Dung

If you ask a Thot Not District local about their food specialities, most of them will tell you that you must try bo lui (beef skewers) at Tu Huong Restaurant.

Located at National Highway 91, the restaurant in Can Tho City’s Thot Not District (40 kilometres from the city centre), is popular with locals as well as tourists.

While the restaurant serves beef hot pots and beef wrapped in la lot leaves, among other items, it is bo lui that keeps diners coming back again and again.

When I arrived at the crowded restaurant at around 5pm, I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the service was. Two minutes after sitting down and ordering bo lui, the appetising dish was placed in front of me.

A full dish of bo lui consists of around five beef skewers, rice vermicelli, greens, and a plate of sliced cucumbers and unripe banana, as well as a condiment of chili fish sauce.

Topped with onions, peanuts and a bit of lemongrass, the aromatic and juicy meat was something to behold. With every bite of the succulent beef, it was almost impossible to put the skewer down.

The meat was soft and rich with spices, and when dipped in the chili fish sauce, the slight hint of spiciness brought out the flavour even more.

The recipe is relatively simple: chunks of lean beef and beef belly are seasoned with lemongrass, garlic and onion, and then grilled.

However, a dish of bo lui is not that easy to cook. The chefs have to select the right kind of meat with just the right amount of fat, and all pieces of meat have to be cut with consistent sizing.

Moreover, if chefs use a large fire, the surface of the meat will be done before the inside is cooked, but if the meat is cooked over a small fire, the charcoal odor will stick to the beef and ruin the appetising appearance of the bo lui.

For my meal, the sour unripe banana and fresh cucumber and greens wonderfully complemented the meat, especially when the greens were used to wrap the meat.

Combined with the rice vermicelli, you get a filling and satisfying meal for only around VND80,000 (US$3.5).

However, there were a few problems with the restaurant. While I personally found the dish to be great, the meat was a bit too fatty and may deter some guests who want to maintain a healthy diet.

Also, while I found the staff to be quick, the customer service still has some room for improvement. The staff were not especially friendly to guests and even a bit rude at times, often serving the food without so much as a smile.

Numerous reviews online also commented on how long it took to get served during peak hours, or how many people had trouble ordering after 6pm when the restaurant sometimes runs out of bo lui.

Nonetheless, most reviewers all agreed on one thing: the bo lui is simply amazing.

So, the next time you have the chance to visit Thot Not District, consider Tu Huong Beef Restaurant for a great dish at a reasonable price, but I strongly suggest arriving early or making a reservation in advance. — VNS

Tu Huong Beef Restaurant

Address: National Highway 91, Thot Not District, Can Tho City

Opening time: 10am – 7pm

Phone: 0292 3852 305

Comment: Very good beef for a reasonable price, but customer service needs a bit of improvement.

Tasty: A plate of mouthwatering bo lui. VNS Photo Viet Dung.
Full set: A full dish consists of beef, rice vermicelli, salad, cucumbers, unripe bananas and chili fish sauce. VNS Photo Viet Dung.

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