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Tortellini with scallops, beans, herbs in seafood consommé

Tortellini with scallops, beans, herbs in seafood consommé

with chef Đào Văn Sơn at the Press Club


  • pasta sheets: 60 gr
  • safron a pinch
  • seafood powder: 5 gr
  • Thai sea salt: 1 gr
  • Whipping cream: 60 ml
  • French green beans: 20 gr
  • Dutch green beans: 30 gr
  • Lemongrass stalk: 20 gr
  • Fresh ginger: 20 gr
  • Long Nhật soy beans: 30 gr
  • Chicken egg: 1
  • Imported U10 scallops: 70 gr
  • Fresh local shrimps: 60 gr
chef Đào Văn Sơn 


How to make tortellini

- Lay the pasta sheet

- Blend the scallops with whipping cream, egg, Explette chilli, seafood powder and salt and pepper to make the filling

- Wrap the filling in the sheets

- Boil the tortellini in boiling water until the dumplings rise to the top of pot

How to make shrimp stock

- Simmer the shrimp with imported celery, leek, garlic, lemongrass, spigel powder, white wine, and salt for 45 min

- Put the stock through a sieve to get clear stock

- Chop the mint leaves, coriander leaves and green onions to put on top

How to cook the beans

- Clean all the beans, finely slice them, and poach until cooked

Style the dish:

- In a soup dish, sprinkle all the finely chopped beans, sprinkle the salt and pepper, put the tortellini in the dish, add the herbs on top and pour a ladle of stock over

Serve hot!

Bon appetit!

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