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Book reflects astonishing beauty of the Spratlys’ landscape, soldiers, people

In the field: Photojournalist Nguyen My Tra is seen at Tennent Reef (Pigeon Reef).— Photo courtesy of the Kim Dong Publishing House
Viet Nam News

HA NOI — The beauty of the nature in the Truong Sa (Spratly Islands) and its people is portrayed in a book of photos taken by photographer and journalist Nguyen My Tra, released yesterday in Ha Noi.

Entitled Truong Sa – Here We Come, the book in Vietnamese and English contains stories of the magnificent, gorgeous, fathomless Truong Sa made of coral reefs, whirlwinds, hot sands, salty seas and the bitter taste of the blood shed by generations of Vietnamese defending the sacred seas and skies of the country.

The colour of the Spratlys is the blue and white of the sky, blue and white of sailors’ uniforms and the green of the phong ba tree (velvetleaf soldierbushes), bang vuong (sea putats) and tiny, brave plantings of spinach and grass.

“Above all, and most movingly, Truong Sa is the tanned skins and strong, kind, sincere eyes and smiles of its defenders – the navy soldiers, policemen, fisheries surveillance officers and the families living on the islands,” said Nguyen The Ky, member of the Party Central Committee and chairman of the Central Council for Theory and Criticism of Literature and Art.

“This book is also about the people living on the mainland and overseas who yearn to visit the Spratlys. It is about ceremonies saluting the Vietnamese national flag that flies over the islands and reefs, about tears of grief and gratitude shed for the fallen heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the Spratlys, about hands clasped in support or love, momentos from the sea, territorial markers and solemn soldiers turning eyes toward the faraway and beloved mainland.”

Rear Admiral Pham Van Vung, political commissar of the Viet Nam People’s Navy, said the book is not a magnificent photo collection of the rich and diverse landscape of the Spratlys but also an honest portrayal of the daily lives of the soldiers and people who live, work and study on the Spratlys and the DK1 platform.

“These photos have managed to capture, with originality and humanity, the ceaseless passion for life, the positive outlook and the determination of navy soldiers, and people in a mission to strengthen and defend the sacred sea territory of the country,” he said.

“In just a short time in the Spratlys, photographer Tra was able to exploit her own enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity to tell touching and true stories about the Spratlys and the DK1 platform,” he added. 

Tra was born in 1976 and works at the Radio Voice of Viet Nam. She visited the Spratlys in 2016 and 2017. The photos taken during the trips have been exhibited in Ha Noi and HCM City. Now they are gathered in the book Truong Sa – Here We Come.

“I have been a reporter for nearly 20 years, and going to the Spratlys is one of my biggest dreams,” she said.

Tra published the book with aim of helping people have a better understanding of life on the islands. She hopes that her exhibition and book will inspire the younger generation to love the Spratlys as well as the country more. — VNS


Wonderful country: The book portrays the beauty of Truong Sa (Spratlys)’s nature, soldiers and people. — Photo courtesy of the Kim Dong Publishing House
Powerful art: The beauty of Truong Sa is reflected through the lens of photographer Nguyen My Tra. — Photo courtesy of the Kim Dong Publishing House

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