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Meyer Sound representative: Ho Guom Opera House embodies all the elements of a world-class theatre

John Pellower has a visit to Hà Nội recently. Photo Sun Group

 HÀ NỘI - John Pellower, representing Meyer Sound Laboratories (USA) - the supplier of sound equipment for Broadway stages and theatres worldwide - shared insights about the Ho Guom Opera House during a recent visit to Hà Nội.

Pellower said the selection of the Hồ Gươm Opera House as the only representative from Việt Nam to be included in the top 10 best opera houses in the world on the 10 best website of the World Travel Awards organisation – WTA is truly great news not only for the Opera House but also for Hà Nội as a whole.

Despite being a relatively new construction, Hồ Gươm Opera House has received such remarkable recognition from a major global award organisation.

“It embodies all the elements of a world-class theatre. I am delighted to hear this information,” he said.

According to Pellower, Hồ Gươm Opera House has standout features compared to the names on this award list. It is one of the theaters with the best equipment in the region, and even the world, from stage performance equipment to sound.

He stressed that Meyer Sound takes pride in contributing to the reputation of Hồ Gươm Opera House with its PA System to amplify the sound of performances, and one of Meyer Sound's most prominent sound systems is Constellation (an integrated system of speakers, microphones, digital processing, patented algorithms, and exclusive high-quality certification only available at Meyer Sound), allowing the acoustic characteristics of the auditorium to be altered to suit various types of performances. As a result, the audience will have the best music experience possible.

He said when Meyer Sound first began implementing Constellation in theaters around the world in 2006, it marked the beginning of continuous development for this sound system.

The company is in the process of preparing to introduce a completely new digital platform with optimised costs. The speaker system will be newly developed and larger. Accompanying this will be a smarter processing procedure. The development of Constellation is an ongoing process.

Pellower said the company is also working on improving the sound quality to integrate more harmoniously with the design of the opera house. Installation and operation consequently become easier with higher performance.

Asked about the biggest challenge in setting up and upgrading the theater's sound system, Pellower said every theater is different, and he and his colleagues had to have extensive discussions with management, consultants, and architects.

He explained that with a good sound system, performances will become significantly better. If you don't have good sound quality, how can you deliver a good performance? Therefore, he believes that sound is the key to the success of an opera house, concert hall, or any other building. And Meyer Sound has created various types of sound to adapt to different performances and different types of programs, he said. - VNS

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