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Veteran musician introduces new song at concert

Song-writer Đức Huy (centre) and the concert producers at the press conference. Photo courtesy of Ngọc Việt Production

HÀ NỘI — Song-writer Đức Huy will have a concert at the National Conference Centre in Hà Nội on May 11.

The concert entitled Những Gì Đến Tự Nhiên will feature some of 30 songs that have been popular among music lovers for years. 

Theatre director Ngãi Võ and music director Nguyễn Hữu Vượng will co-ordinate to produce the concert blending theatre technology and enduringly-popular love songs by Đức Huy. 

Renowned musician Đức Huy is very popular for his songs, learnt by heart by different generations of fans, according to Vượng. 

"The concert will be for a cross-over generation," said Vượng. "These old songs will be made to suit current music trends."

Guest artists include A-list pop singer Mỹ Linh, Bằng Kiều, and Việt Nam Idol winners Phương Vy and Quốc Thiên. The concert will include a Đức Huy solo, as well as duet and trio performances. His latest song will also debut at the concert. 

Born in 1947 in Sơn Tây, Hà Nội, Đức Huy studied music from his cousin, musician Nguyễn Vũ. He later moved to the US to study music at San Francisco City College.

He wrote his first song Cơn Mưa Phùn in Đà Lạt in 1969. The song has been recorded widely. 

He said that although he has had many successes with subsequent pieces, this song remains one of his favourites. He said it reflects his philosophy and approach to writing music. The song will be performed at the concert.

The concert is held by Ngọc Việt Production to celebrate Đức Huy's 60-year career. Tickets are sold on Ticketgo.vn and tiktik.vn. — VNS

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