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TV series look forward a flourishing year

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese television series seem to be in a flourishing phase as several productions have received much applause from viewers.

Since the beginning of this year, TV audiences have enjoyed several series about diverse topics such as Chúng Ta Của 8 Năm Sau (We Are of 8 Years Later) by director Bùi Tiến Huy, Gặp Em Ngày Nắng (See You on a Sunny Day) by Nguyễn Đức Hiếu, and Duyên Tiên Tiền Định (Predestined Fairy Love) by Bùi Ngọc Nam Phương.

Many options for viewers

Alongside the series that have been presented currently on VTV3 channel, there are exclusive series that have been invested significantly to have the silver-screen quality to be presented on pay TV and paid entertainment apps.

Notably, Đi Về Phía Lửa (Heading to the Fire) by director Trần Thanh Huy presented on K+ channel; Ước Mình Cùng Bay (Wishing We Will Fly Together) by Phan Đăng Di screened on VieON, and Mất Tích Đêm 30 (Missing on New Year’s Eve) by Hàm Trần presented on Galaxy Play, have received positive comments from audience members.

Each TV and exclusive series has its own interesting stories, offering viewers a variety of choices.

A scene from the series Chúng Ta Của 8 Năm Sau (We Are of 8 Years Later), presented currently on VTV3 channel. Photo courtesy of Television Film Production Centre

Chúng Ta Của 8 Năm Sau revolves around the lives of four characters – Lâm (played by Mạnh Trường), Dương (Huyền Lizzie), Nguyệt (Quỳnh Kool), and Tùng (B Trần). They once had a passionate love and vibrant youth together, but over time, things gradually change.

Gặp Em Ngày Nắng is about a love story that originates from the service of "renting" a boyfriend or girlfriend to introduce to the family during the Lunar New Year. Two strangers - two main characters - with different backgrounds gradually come closer to each other with growing affection.

Duyên Tiên Tiền Định tells the fantasy story of Phạm Trung – a mandarin who supervises all the matters related to the court’s horses, and fairy Kim Sang. Because of their forbidden love, they violated the laws of the Heavens and had to face punishment.

Alongside the films that are currently airing, some TV series and exclusive series in production and expected to be shown in this year include Lỡ Hẹn Với Ngày Xanh (Missed Appointment with Green Day) by director Trần Hoài Sơn, Trạm Cứu Hộ Trái Tim (The Heart Rescue Station) by Vũ Trường Khoa, Những Ô Cửa Trong Thành Phố (Windows in City) by Lê Đỗ Ngọc Linh, and Nhà Có Ba Anh Em (Family of Three Brothers) by Trịnh Lê Phong.

Some exclusive series that will be launched this year by the entertainment application VieON include Ván Cờ Danh Vọng (The Game of Fame) by director Nguyễn Quang Minh, Tiểu Tam Không Có Lỗi? (Is It Possible That Tieu Tam Is Not At Fault?) by Trần Bửu Lộc, and 7 Năm Không Cưới Sẽ Chia Tay (Will Break up if You Don't Get Married) by Nguyễn Hoàng Anh – a remake production of South Korean movie Secret Love.

The application Galaxy Play will air the third part of the action/martial arts Hùng Long Phong Bá by director Toni Dương Bảo Anh.

Effort to improve quality

Audiences currently have various choices. They can enjoy TV series or exclusive series on domestic and international paid entertainment applications. As a result, competition has become more intense, and any production requires a compelling story, excellent acting and well-invested settings.

A scene from the series Đi Về Phía Lửa (Heading to the Fire) that is presented on K+ channel. Photo courtesy of K+Original

"Films must captivate the audience and attract high viewership in order to draw advertising. Therefore, producers must carefully select scripts that meet strict criteria. Many meetings are organised between the screenwriters, producers and directors to discuss and adjust if necessary, aiming to monitor closely the script's content,” said screenwriter Thanh Hương.

According to screenwriter Đông Hoa, films that focus on the topics of youth and start-up business, with a trend towards "healing" and a positive, cheerful outlook, have been favoured by film producers. Films that address social issues, delving into the reality of life, also have gained attention from producers.

“In 2024, we have planned to produce about five to six TV movies. For me, it’s more important to have a good script and the story. I don’t care much about movie genre or topic,” said Vũ Thị Bích Liên, director of entertainment communication MEGA GS Group. — VNS

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