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Monday, 17/09/2018 09:00

Volunteers hit HCM City street for World Cleanup Day

Young people line up to register for World Cleanup Day in HCM City on Saturday (Sept 15). – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY – Around 80 volunteers took part in World Cleanup Day organised by Viet Nam Sach va Xanh (Viet Nam Clean and Green), cleaning streets in HCM City’s District 7 of trash on Saturday.

Nguyen Huu Nhan, one of the founders of Viet Nam Sach va Xanh, said the voluntary organisation worked to raise awareness of littering in Viet Nam and its consequences for the environment.

"Events like these are good for changing people’s mindsets and motivating them to take action, but educating them about the importance of environmental protection is still critical," he said.

The organisation has carried out a number of similar campaigns for Earth Day and others. – VNS

There were around 80 participants in all, both locals and expatriates. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
Youths pick up trash on Nguyen Van Linh in District 7. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
Matthieu Minier of Life Project for Youth (an NGO that helps disadvantaged youths) said the event is important for the community and events like this show that people are paying attention to the problem of littering. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
Two women pick up trash at the Ong Lanh Bridge pier. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
Ho Hoai Thanh, a student of RMIT, hopes the event can raise awareness (especially among youths) of Viet Nam’s serious littering and pollution problems. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung
After hours of cleaning, several bags of trash are ready, some to be picked up by garbage trucks and others taken to a nearby garbage dump. – VNA/VNS Photo Viet Dung

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