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Documentary heritage protection: passing the torch to the youth

HÀ NỘI  Young people are playing an active role in preserving and promoting the value of documentary heritage, contributing to enriching the information warehouse of each country and their people.

This is the common remark of multiple speakers at the seminar "Heritage with Youth", held recently by the National Archives Centre I in collaboration with the Department of Archives and Office Administration of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hà Nội National University.

According to Đặng Thanh Tùng, director of the State Department of Records and Archives, while previously archived documents were only expressed in documents (paper and materials containing information), nowadays "information carriers" have become much more diverse, be it email, memory card, smart device or cloud storage.

The 36th session (2011) of the General Assembly of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the Universal Declaration on Archives, recognising the role of archives in providing authentic evidence of all aspects of activities, ensuring transparent administration as well as preserving the common memory of human society.

Display space for royal documents of the Nguyễn dynasty at National Archives Centre I.

Tùng expressed his hope that changing the approach and awareness about heritage, archives and the Archives Law will contribute to suggesting solutions and defining the direction of cooperation for the common purpose of raising young people's awareness of preserving and promoting the value of archival documents and documentary heritage.

"Documentary heritage is powerful proof for the young generation to have pride that they grew up in a heroic nation, fostering the desire to build a strong country," Tùng said.

At the seminar, experts in the fields of archiving, education and heritage management affirmed that preserving and promoting the value of heritage is a story that never gets old. With Việt Nam's rich and diverse heritage resources, raising awareness in preserving and promoting the nation's precious heritage values in the current context is extremely important.

According to Cam Anh Tuấn, head of the Department of Archives and Office Administration of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, archival documents are a special cultural heritage of the nation. These include archaeological sites, museum artefacts and scientific works. The core issue is that the documents must have practical value for society.

“With the development of science and technology today, anything we write can be a legacy of a period. Realising that, young people will be more responsible in what they say in life or on social networks," Tuấn said.

Sharing the same opinion as Tùng, Tuấn said he believed that it is necessary to raise awareness and have a diverse approach with young people so that they can find their original culture.

“While learning about and practicing heritage, young people will find appropriate ways to face their heritage, as well as promote the value of heritage for future generations. This is like a torch being passed from one person to another," Tuấn said.

The seminar also received many opinions from students of universities, academies, and researchers on how to deal with heritage, such as collecting, storing, and communicating documents of families, lineages, agencies, and units. VNS

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