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Hanoi French Hospital first with state-of-the-art ZEISS KINEVO 900 Surgical Microscope System in northern Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI In a significant advancement for medical technology and patient care in northern Việt Nam, Hanoi French Hospital has acquired the KINEVO 900, the latest state-of-the-art surgical microscope system from Carl Zeiss.

The introduction of the surgical microscope system at the hospital is expected to bring numerous benefits to patients, including a wider range of surgical capabilities, shorter surgery times, reduced risks of infections and complications, and faster recovery. 

Hanoi French Hospital has acquired the KINEVO 900, the latest state-of-the-art surgical microscope system from Carl Zeiss. Photos courtesy of the hospital

The KINEVO 900 system not only provides 4x to over 20x times greater magnification with excellent visibility and images, but also delivers more functionality than any other surgical microscope today to help surgeons achieve the most optimal results.

The microscope combines precision optics, robotic automation, and complete integration of diagnostic data, making it one of the most advanced microscopes available today. Its unique features, including 3D visualisation, high-definition resolution, and enhanced fluorescence imaging capabilities, allow surgeons to perform procedures with unprecedented precision and confidence.

Dr. Erwan Debuc, Chief Medical Officer at Hanoi French Hospital, spoke about the future application of the microscope at the hospital:

“Cerebral aneurysms and other vascular malformations can be precisely visualized and treated. Even the smallest vessels can be seen, further enhancing surgical performance. For both benign and malignant brain tumors, it is possible to visualise the diseased area as clearly as possible from the healthy area, enabling the safest and most effective surgery possible,” Dr. Debuc said. 

Dr. Erwan Debuc, Chief Medical Officer at Hanoi French Hospital. 

“It also improves the results of spinal cord surgery, particularly for pathologies of the cervical dorsal or lumbar spine, by facilitating minimally and micro-invasive surgery. The KINEVO 900 will also be used by our ENT surgeons for cutting-edge surgeries such as acoustic neuroma tumors, and by plastic surgeons when microcirculation surgery is required.”

Training for surgical staff on the new system will begin immediately, ensuring that patients can start benefiting from this advanced technology as soon as possible.

The hospital’s CEO Jef Peeters pointed out how the acquisition would help boost HFH’s mission to provide the very best in healthcare. 

The hospital’s CEO Jef Peeters. 

“As the first hospital in northern Việt Nam to be equipped with this remarkable technology, Hanoi French Hospital takes one more step forward in our mission to lead in First Class healthcare, to innovate, and to constantly elevate the quality of healthcare in Vietnam,” Peeters said.

“It is our belief that to provide First Class care, we must have First Class people and First Class equipment. Therefore, we are committed to continuously investing in our professional team together with cutting-edge technologies. This commitment goes beyond enhancing our hospital's services; it is about shaping the future of healthcare in Việt Nam, making it safer, more efficient and more accessible.” 

The introduction of the surgical microscope system at the hospital is expected to bring numerous benefits to patients. 

In the coming days, the hospital has planned to utilise the microscope system in the first surgery cases of brain tumors, aneurysms, spinal tumors and endoscopic pituitary tumor removal.

Additionally, a series of specialised seminars is scheduled to be held at the hospital in the coming weeks to be attended by expert doctors, focusing on the full scope of possibilities that the KENEVO 900 provides.

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