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Human Act Prize announces 33 finalists

Lê Quốc Minh, editor-in-chief of Nhân Dân (People) Newspaper, speaks at the launch of Human Act Prize. Photo courtesy of Human Act Prize

HÀ NỘI Human Act Prize, an annual award honouring organisations and individuals who have made many contributions to the community through prestigious, dedicated and long-term social projects, has announced its 33 finalists.

The entries will be assessed according to five criteria that embody the values promoted by the award - Commitment, Sustainability, Impact, Replication and Innovation.

The evaluation panel consists of journalists, social activists, individuals and representatives from reputable organisations across various fields. They are carefully selected to provide objective, accurate, and comprehensive assessments of the profiles participating in the prize.

According to Trần Mai Anh, founder and chairwoman of the TN&F Fund, also a member of the evaluation panel, all five criteria hold equal significance in reviewing projects. However, the aspect of Replication is considered particularly special as it involves inspiring and influencing the community. Without the element of Replication, the outcomes of the projects may not be sustainable or long-lasting.

Other practical and essential factors concerning the current community have also been taken into account, such as environmental issues, health, caring for vulnerable individuals in society, and creating a better and more civilised society.

Some of the finalists are GreenPlan‏ Project of Traphaco Joint Stock Company, Net Zero Vinamilk of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company, Hope Foundation, Salt Cancer Initiative and LOAN Stiftung Foundation.

LOAN Stiftung Foundation, which helps children from ethnic minorities in remote areas lead independent lives, is among the finalists of Human Act Prize. Photo

The entries have left strong emotion within the evaluation panel during the selection process.

"Sometimes, very ordinary individuals, a police officer, a civil servant, or students aged 19 or 20 have thought of something that not everyone would think of, which is thinking about others,” Trần Hữu Việt, Head of the Culture and Arts Department at Nhân Dân (People) Newspaper, told

“With enthusiasm and the application of technology, they have come up with numerous initiatives that have inspired not only the community but also the judging panel.

“The first beneficiaries are the disadvantaged people. These projects are their source of support and comfort, providing them with resilience and reducing the burden on society while encouraging their will to overcome challenges. They also motivate more sharing and contribution to social activities.”

The Salt Cancer Initiative that aims to provide information, education, and mental support for cancer patients in Việt Nam is a finalist of the Human Act Prize. Photo courtesy of Salt Cancer Initiative

The Human Act Prize final will take place on November 24 at the Temple of Literature in Hà Nội. The finalised projects will be showcased at Dấu Ấn Tiên Phong (Pioneering Imprint) exhibition on Bái Đường Courtyard of the Temple of Literature from November 24 to December 3.

The Human Act Prize is launched by Nhân Dân (People) Newspaper in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Science and Technology and VCCorp Joint Stock Company.

This year’s event, with the theme Pioneering Imprint, has received 129 applications. VNS

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