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Passengers enjoy Vietnamese culture at Nội Bài Int’l Airport

HÀ NỘI — Passengers at Nội Bài International Airport (NIA) in Hà Nội can learn about the capital city’s culture through folk music performances or demonstrations of artisans from craft villages taking place right in the airport terminals.

These activities are part of the on-going cultural week themed “Hương Sắc Hà Nội” (Colours of Hà Nội) held by the NIA until November 30.

Passengers can enjoy music performances or join hands with artisans to create handicraft products at several spots that have been set up in both T1 and T2 terminals.

Artists perform traditional music on a temporary stage set up in Terminal 2 during the cultural week themed “Hương Sắc Hà Nội” (Colours of Hà Nội) held by the NIA. — Photo courtesy of NIA

Specifically, at the international terminal, T2, passengers can take check-in photos at “Village Gate”, “Traditional Triple Gate” and “Bamboo Range” on the 3rd floor.

Nearby is a small stage with background depicting mossy-tiled houses in the Old Quarter, featuring traditional performances.

Guests can enjoy different traditional music genres such as chèo (traditional opera) and hát xẩm (blind busker's singing).

Guests can also learn about the handicraft process of making tò he (traditional toy figurines), palm-leaf conical hat, clay objects and embroidered pictures. Under the guidance of artisans, they can also join in the process to create a piece for themselves.

The performances and demonstrations take place from 9am until 10pm.

A small exhibition on the third floor showcases images of Hà Nội, and a replica of Hà Nội’s symbolic Quan Chưởng Gate has been set up on the first floor.

Guests view photos of Hà Nội presented at a small exhibition on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2 during the cultural week themed “Hương Sắc Hà Nội” (Colours of Hà Nội) held by the NIA. — Photo courtesy of NIA

A mini landscape imitating Hà Nội’s most poetic street – Phan Đình Phùng, has been created on the 1st floor. Guests not only can take picture with a colourful flower bicycle of street vendor, but can also taste Hanoi specialties such as ô mai (salted fruits) and cốm làng Vòng (Vòng Village’s young sticky rice).

According to NIA Deputy Director Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân, ‘Colours of Hà Nội’ is the opening event of a series of annual activities to honour Vietnamese traditional cultural values.

“The event not only aims to create a unique impression for passengers, but also to introduce and promote the image of Việt Nam, together with its culture and people to all tourists going through Nội Bài International Airport. We will continue to coordinate with agencies and organisations to host other meaningful events for passengers," she said.

Explaining the event’s theme, ‘Colours of Hà Nội’, Ngân said that Hà Nội is the country’s biggest centre of politics, economy and culture. In addition, the well-known yet elegant lifestyle of Hanoian people is a specific feature of the city.

“Those features recreated here can offer a unique experience, making NIA special and different from any other airport in the region and the world,” she added. — VNS

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