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Research works on folk literature and art honoured


Professor Lê Hồng Lý, the chairman of the Việt Nam Folk Literature and Arts Association (right) presented the special second awards to their authors. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Thu

HÀ NỘI — The Việt Nam Folk Literature and Arts Association on Thursday hosted a ceremony in Hà Nội to honour folk artisans and dish out awards for distinguished research in literature and arts.

The jury this year received 70 research works, fewer than in 2019, including research on literature and folklore theory; customs, festivals, folklore culture and geography; folk performing arts; visual arts and folk architecture; culinary culture, traditional profession and folk knowledge.

After evaluation, the jury decided that no work won the first prize. Two second prizes in the 'A' category were handed to the authors of the projects Sự Tương Đồng Và Khác Biệt Trong Âm Nhạc Dân Gian Ở Các Tộc Người Thái, Lào Ở Tây Bắc Việt Nam Và Đông Bắc Lào (Similarities and Differences in Folk Music among the Thai and Lao Ethnic Groups in Northwest Việt Nam and Northeast Laos) and Văn Hóa-Nghệ Thuật Chùa Việt, Vài Nét Cơ Bản (Culture-Art of Vietnamese Pagodas: Some Basic Features).

In addition, the organising board presented another six second prizes in the 'B' category, 35 third prizes, seven consolation prizes and four gift sets.

According to Professor Lê Hồng Lý, the chairman of the Việt Nam Folk Literature and Arts Association, there were many specialised works in fields with few experts compared to previous years, like Culture-Art of Vietnamese Pagodas: Some Basic Features in which the author pointed out many specific features of ancient Vietnamese pagodas.

“This work is not only of theoretical value but also contributes to minimising the situation of ongoing improper repairs that are causing damage to the unique cultural values ​​of Việt Nam’s temples,” he said.

Many studies on ethnic cultures were also submitted, which was a good sign, he added.

Also at the ceremony, the association awarded the title of Folk Artist to 14 people, including two Hanoian artists -- Nguyễn Thị Minh Tám with a contribution to traditional drumming practice and teaching, and Lê Thị Nhuệ Phát in the field of practising and teaching chèo (popular opera). — VNS

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