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'Understanding Autism' programme offers expert training for Việt Nam special educators

HCM CITY — Special education teachers and educators who work with children with special needs are invited to join a training programme conducted by leading experts from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

The ‘Understanding Autism’ programme is introduced for the first time in Việt Nam by the Special Em’s Education Group (SEEG), an organisation founded by Vietnamese educator Thanh Bùi to support children with special needs, in collaboration with the SUSS.

The course is available until May 1 on the Singapore e-learning platform SUSS UniLEARN. 

A teacher instructs her pupils, who are children with special needs, in a class at the SEEC. — Photo courtesy of SEEC

Developed by SUSS and its partner, Autism Resource Centre (ARC), an institution in Singapore dedicating to advancing awareness, advocacy and empowerment for individuals with autism, this professional training course aims to improve teaching staff’s professional skills based on international standards, enhance community awareness about children with special needs and provide better support for people with autism in Việt Nam.

Special education teachers and educators will improve their understanding and knowledge of autism spectrum disorders through five key points, including understanding the core characteristics of autism, and recognising some possible causes of autism. Other key points are to identify the prevalence of autism, recognise that autism exists on a spectrum, and recognise that every individual with autism is unique.

Upon course completion, participants will receive a certificate issued and certified by ARC and SUSS UniLearn.

Launched in August 2019, ‘Understanding Autism’ online course aims to nurture empathy towards individuals with autism and their families. By exploring real-life situations, the course prompts a shift in attitudes. Instead of reacting negatively, participants are urged to respond with understanding and compassion, fostering a more empathetic and inclusive society.

Associate Professor Gabriel Gervais, Director of Online Learning at SUSS, shared: “We are excited that the ‘Understanding Autism’ course has been introduced to the Vietnamese community. Besides extending SUSS’ reach to the region, this collaboration leverages Singapore’s robust expertise and leadership in autism awareness to provide enhanced support and improved life opportunities for individuals with autism and their families throughout Southeast Asia.”

Educator Thanh Bùi. — Photo courtesy of SEEG

Educator Thanh Bùi, founder of the Vietnamese International Clinic for Autism (VICA) and Special Em’s Education Centre (SEEC) for children with autism, said that his vision is to build a strong and empathetic community for Vietnamese autistic children.

“Education is essential for understanding and assisting children with special needs. By employing innovative, science-based methods taught by leading experts from developed countries, we can better support these children.

“This will empower and encourage many teachers and educators to work with children with special needs. Doing this also helps children who have autism spectrum disorders obtain more opportunities to progress, grow in their own ways, confidently integrate into our community to live happily,” he said. VNS

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