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Vietnamese cuisine voted among best in the world


Phở is a must-try dish for visitors to Việt Nam. Photo

HÀ NỘI Việt Nam has been named among the top 10 countries in the world with the best food, according to readers of Canadian magazine The Travel.

Having distinctive cuisine with incredible favours that are particularly popular with international friends, Việt Nam has been ranked 5th in the list.

"Seafood is a popular food in Vietnam as the country contains so many fishing villages, but Vietnam is not all about seafood," the magazine wrote.

"In fact, the wide variety of food in the country will leave visitors perplexed."

It recommends tourists to try phở, the country’s iconic noodle soup and national dish, with either beef or chicken.

Phở is made and served across the country though it originated in Hà Nội and was taken to the south, where other distinct touches were added.

The magazine also suggests visitors should sample snacks such as spring rolls and bánh mỳ, a type of Vietnamese baguette.

“There are different types of rice dishes to also try out and while some consist of chicken, others consist of beef or pork,” it added.

Thailand and the Philippines are the other two Southeast Asian nations in the list of the best food as chosen by readers of The Travel.

The US cuisine tops the list, which also mentions Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain and India.

Vietnamese cuisine has been praised by many international chefs and prestigious food magazines in recent years.

The oldest and largest French TV channel - TF1 – broadcast a report on the success of world cuisine in France over the past ten years, in which Vietnamese cuisine was honoured as one of the three most loved by the French. The report was screened during the channel’s prime time on February 7.

According to TF1, there are about 3,000 products from 24 different countries being sold in retail distribution systems throughout France. Among them, Vietnamese traditional fried spring rolls ranked third in the list of foreign cuisines most loved by French consumers. The US peanut butter, popcorn and Macaroni dish came in second while the Japanese sushi was the most popular.

Việt Nam also honoured as Asia's Leading Culinary Destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) 2020. That was the second year in a row that Việt Nam ranks first in Asia in the category. VNS


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