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Vietnamese film revenue tops $40 million in five months

HÀ NỘI — In the first five months of the year, the total box office revenue of Vietnamese films in 2024 has exceeded VNĐ1 trillion (US$40 million). 

A scene in the film Lật Mặt 7: Một Điều Ước (Face Off 7: One Wish) by director Lý Hải. — Photo courtesy of Lý Hải Production

Based on statistics from the independent unit Box Office Vietnam, in the first quarter of 2024, Vietnamese film revenue reached VNĐ600 billion. Among them, director Trấn Thành's film, Mai, earned VNĐ550 billion, leading the list of most popular Vietnamese films in history. 

Releasing at the same time, the film Gặp lại chị bầu (Meeting the pregnant sister again) by director Đoàn Nhất Trung also earned VNĐ92 billion.

In the next quarter, the domestic film market has another blockbuster, Lật Mặt 7: Một Điều Ước (Face Off 7: One Wish) by director Lý Hải. The film revenue as of May 20 reached VNĐ421 billion and is still increasing, expected to reach VNĐ450 billion.

With just the three films mentioned above, the total revenue of Vietnamese cinema in 2024 has exceeded VNĐ1 trillion.

In the same period last year, Vietnamese films also established similar achievements.

However, if four Vietnamese films last year – Nhà bà Nữ (Mrs Nữ's House), Chị chị em em 2 (Sisters 2), Siêu lừa gặp siêu lầy (Hustler vs Scammer), and Face Off 6  worth hundreds of billions of đồng debuted in the first half of 2023, then this year's domestic market has seen the release of just two projects, Mai and Face Off 7: One Wish. 

The Vietnamese film industry in recent years has seen the dominance of well-known directors, such as Lý Hải and Trấn Thành, with films valued at hundreds of billions of đồng in revenue. — VNS

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