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Northern Vietnam’s hidden paradise: Hideaway resort in Mai Châu

The Hideaway resort in Mai Chau.
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The Hideaway resort has been operating successfully for the past few years. The exclusive location by the edge of the distinguished Hoa Binh Lake is one of a kind!
It is the first and only fully ecological resort complex in northern Viet Nam.

Skip the hustle and bustle of Ha Noi with a comfortable 2.5-hour drive to this unique resort located in the small village of Suoi Lon in Mai Chau. When travelling to the Hideaway you’ll enjoy the views of the mythical valley of Ba Khan with its spectacular mountains. After Ba Khan you’ll continue enjoying ethnic village scenery until reaching the resort through the memorable mountains and Lake Road. Majestic and incredible natural beauty is guaranteed!

Hidden by natural surroundings, you’ll discover that the Hideaway resort offers breathtaking 360-degree views of mountains and lakes. The architecture of the complex was carefully chosen to maintain the rustic 1960’s traditional wooden stilt-style of the local ethnic groups – Muong, Thai, Dao and H’mong.

Wine & Dine

The Hideaway restaurant is located on top of the hill with stunning panoramic views overlooking the mountains and the lake. Enjoy top-quality local authentic Vietnamese specialties, international a la carte and several set menus cooked to perfection by our local chefs. Exclusive drinks, cocktails & international beer are served throughout the day.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied whenever you want to treat yourself to a delightful meal or cold drink in our charmingly decorated bamboo restaurant or room service!

The Hideaway restaurant is located on top of the hill with stunning panoramic views.

Activities & relaxation

Because of the Hideaway’s exceptional location by the dazzling Hoa Binh Lake, you’ll appreciate canoeing in distinctive surroundings. This is a one-of-a-kind experience in northern Viet Nam.

Many of our visitors also appreciate partaking in yoga sessions in this spectacular atmosphere.

There is also a cooking class for those who are interested in learning more about the diverse & superb Vietnamese cuisine.

Enjoy our Infinity pool

The Infinity pool with breathtaking panoramic views.

Perfectly positioned in the heart of the magnificent Hoa Binh Lake you’ll find our infinity pool with breathtaking panoramic views. The hideaway pool is the heart of the resort. Loved by sports fans, vacation experts & spa aficionados who wish to indulge in this exclusive atmosphere.

Sit back and relax. Admire the dancing sun reflecting on the stunning blue water of the lake while reading a book or just forget your stress and recharge.

High quality wooden sun loungers and fresh towels are always available for our guests.

Visit the Hideaway resort for an unforgettable luxury authentic experience inspired by the local ethnic minorities groups.  Don’t forget to bring your camera: selfies are encouraged and allowed! — VNS

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