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Capital place for underground followers

Capital place for underground followers

In a bustling capital city where the traditional and contemporary meet, underground music is taking its first baby steps. It’s happening at VietGangz Brotherhood, a music, shopping and entertainment mall for young people.

French songstress performs for VN kids

06/14/2017 17:42

French singer and songwriter Joyce Jonathan held three live charity concerts in Viet Nam last week to raise funds for street children through the Poussieres de Vie (Dust of Life) organisation. Laureate of the prestigious NRJ Music Awards 2011 in the category Francophone Breakthrough of the year, the 27-year-old singer and songwriter talks with Vuong Bach Lien before her concert in Ha Noi.

A fantasy trip to the Kong’s Skull Island

06/09/2017 16:36

My aspiration to set foot on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster has recently been fulfilled, and I didn’t even have to cross the Pacific.

Japanese physical therapist volunteers wisdom in Cần Thơ

06/08/2017 09:15

Within a month of treatment, the pain that Nguyen Tuyet Hanh had suffered after a bad fall began to diminish greatly, thanks to treatment from a volunteer physical therapist from Japan. 

"Fusion": sounds, spectacles on City streets

06/02/2017 14:48

  With a new show every weekend, Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street in HCM City has never been more fun!

International recognition for Vietnamese public art

05/31/2017 09:30

Artist Nguyen Thu Thuy and her partners from New Hanoi Arts Group won a bronze at the 10th International Design Awards (IDA) in Los Angeles for a mural of Vietnamese trees and flowers at Da Nang International Airport. Culture Vulture interviews her about awards and her interest in public arts.

Bye bye banana? Hopefully not in Việt Nam

05/29/2017 08:02

It was the latest episode in an agricultural saga encompassing the extinction of the world’s most popular banana some 60 years ago and the looming threat to the world banana crop from a more resilient version of the same disease.

Argentina duo to perform tango by Hoàn Kiếm Lake

05/26/2017 16:43

The atmosphere at the pedestrian area around Hoan Kiem Lake will be stirred up tomorrow night at 8pm with a special tango performance. The dance is being performed by famous Argentinean dance duo – Julieta Biscione and Roberto Castillo – along with Hanoian artists.

Elderly artist jazzes up Hà Nội alleyway

05/22/2017 10:02

For the last 10 years Cao Chi Thinh has worked to liven up the area around his home. The murals he has created are an attempt to teach valuable lessons, and have a bit of fun. Bach Lien reports.