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Lost on Lý Sơn Island

Lost on Lý Sơn Island

Ly Son Island District is a must visit spot for anyone looking for sun, sea and sand - or a little garlic.

A visit to Bà Đen Mountain in Tây Ninh

03/16/2018 10:02

Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Province has been a pilgrimage hot spot during the first lunar month, with most visitors heading for the pagoda and temple complex on the mountain.

South of Đà Lạt, quiet Bảo Lộc refreshes

03/16/2018 09:58

Lam Dong Province’s most famous tourism destination by far is Da Lat City, known the world over since its days as a French colonial summer resort. But located 110km to the south of Da Lat is the town of Bao Loc, quieter and fresher than Da Lat with its own charm.

All-women Indian motorcycling group arrives in Việt Nam

03/15/2018 15:16

A group of four female motorcycling enthusiasts from India have reached Viẹt Nam as part of their journey to cover UNESCO World Heritage Sites in seven nations along Mekong River.

Tú Làn racers to raise funds for flood-resistant floating houses

03/15/2018 15:13

Tu Lan Cave, sister of the biggest grotto in the world, Son Doong, is offering visitors treks, swimming, caving trips and a race.

FVH discover Hà Nội city walk

03/15/2018 09:00

The Friends of Vietnam Heritage will hold a city walk to discover the St Joseph’s Cathedral and the surrounding area on Saturday.

Đà Nẵng to set “livable city” criteria

02/28/2018 09:57

 A set of criteria to build a “livable city” was in the final stages at a consultation conference hosted by the Da Nang City Commission for Publicity and Education on Tuesday.

Millions of tourists to flood Hà Giang park

02/25/2018 18:17

A master plan to exploit the tourism potential of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark will highlight its lesser known facets, but concerns remain over its social and environmental impacts.

Pilgrimage tours in spring

02/23/2018 08:57

The first month of the Lunar New Year is the perfect time to make pilgrimage trips to pagodas and temples around the country to pray for happiness, good luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

Standing at heaven’s gate on Bảo Đài Mountain

02/23/2018 08:54

We headed up to Bao Dai Mountain, also known as Vay Rong Mountain, to visit the Ngoa Van Am (Ngoa Van Pagoda) historical site. The site, located in the Yen Tu historical complex in the northern province of Quang Ninh, is where King Tran Nhan Tong (1258-1308) practised Buddhist Zen during the final years of his life.