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Chicken rollups with mushrooms and pumpkin seeds

With chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên from Movenpick Hotel Hanoi.

Chicken rollups with mushrooms and pumpkin seeds

Kumquat sauce brings out a refreshing twist of flavours in the familiar Spring ingredients of chicken and glutinous rice. Enjoy the lovely taste in Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi’s Spring Feast set menu, available at 650,000++/person, 1 complimentary cocktail included.

1. Ingredients:
- Chicken: 1.5kg
-  White egg: 1
- Cooking oil: 50ml
- Starch: 40g
- Toasted pumpkin seeds: 40g
- Dried shiitake mushroom: 30g
- Chili: 5g
- Broccoli: 30g
- Snow peas: 20g
- Shallot: 30g
- Garlic: 30g
- Green peppercorn: 20g
- Baby carrots: 50g
- Asparagus: 50g
- Glutinous rice: 100g
- Gấc fruit: 300g
- Pumpkin seeds: 5g
- Bamboo tubes
- Garden cress
- White wine
- Kumquat, butter, salt, sugar, lime leaves

Chef Nguyễn Ngọc Quyên

2. Process:
Chicken rollups:
- Soak dried shiitake mushroom in warm water
- Chicken deboned, set aside 300g of boneless chicken, minced the rest then mixed with 1 egg white, 50ml cooking oil, 40g tapioca starch, 40g toasted pumpkin seeds and finely chopped shiitake mushroom.
- Lay the boneless chicken on a flat surface, seasoned to taste with finely chopped shallots, lime leaves, salt and pepper. Spread the minced chicken and toasted pumpkin seeds on top evenly.
- Using plastic wrap, roll the spread tightly then tie the two ends, after that wrap everything in foil.
- Place the chicken rollups in a deep baking tray, submerge in water, then bake in the oven over 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
- After the chicken is cooked, cut the rollups into slices and sauté until the chicken skin turn crispy.
Gấc glutinous rice in bamboo tube
- Soak good quality glutinous rice and mung beans in water for at least 4 hours
- Split open the gấc fruit to take the red seeds inside, grind them with a bit of white wine to ensure the colour remains dark red and bright.
- Mix glutinous rice and mung beans with a little salt and gấc seeds
- Wash and boil the bamboo tubes.
- Fill the glutinous rice that has been mixed into the bamboo tubes up to 2/3. Pour water in to the same level as the rice mixture. You can use pineapple leaves as the lid for a nice aroma.
- Arrange the tubes in a tray with the lids facing up to ensure the water inside does not leak. Pour water into the tray, up to half of the bamboo tubes and bake in the oven over 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Split the tube in half after the glutinous rice is cooked.
Kumquat sauce 
- Squeeze kumquat fruits for juice
- Melt butter on a pan, then sauté garlic with chili, kumquat juice, salt and sugar.
- Cut broccoli, baby carrot, asparagus into bite size, saute in butter and garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.
- Place chicken slices, bamboo tubes and vegetables on the plates, sprinkle sliced lime leaves, garden cress on top, then drizzle kumquat sauce over the chicken to finish the plating.

You can sample the dishes at Mangosteen Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel Hanoi, 83A Lý Thường Kiệt Street. For reservation, please dial +84 24 3822 2800, extension 6201. The Spring Feast menu is available to the end of February.

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