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Tasting delicious phở on the highest building in Việt Nam


The special edition of phở, called Phở Chọc Trời (Skyscraper Noodle), is being served at the Oriental Pearl restaurant in Vinpearl Landmark 81 in HCM City, Việt Nam’s tallest building. VNA/VNS Hồng Đạt

The famed phở (beef noodle) dish is served on every corner in Việt Nam and now it is now available in Việt Nam’s tallest building, Vinpearl Landmark 81 in HCM City.

The special edition of phở, called Phở Chọc Trời (Skyscraper Noodle) due to where it is being served, is on the menu of the Oriental Pearl restaurant. This extraordinary dish is a harmonious blend of traditional Vietnamese phở flavours and the exceptional tenderness and taste of Australian Wagyu beef.

A chef prepares a bowl of Phở Chọc Trời at the Oriental Pearl restaurant. VNA/VNS Hồng Đạt

According to the chefs at Oriental Pearl, the skyscraper phở is made of handcrafted fresh rice noodles and a broth simmered for 48 hours using Australian beef bones, tails and ribs, as well as chicken bones.

To heighten the aromatic experience, locally sourced Vietnamese herbs and spices are meticulously incorporated into the dish, creating a delightful balance of flavours between traditional and new.

The price for a bowl of Skyscraper Noodle is VNĐ 990,000 (US$39).

A diner enjoys Phở Chọc Trời at the Vinpearl Landmark 81, the tallest building in Việt Nam. VNA/VNS Hồng Đạt

According to Chef Lê Trung, the Executive Chef of the Oriental Pearl restaurant and the creator of Phở Chọc Trời, the special dish has been served at the restaurant for over five years.

"My team and I wanted to create a unique and elevated version of phở," he explained. "We put a lot of thought and effort into refining the recipe and presentation to offer our guests an exceptional dining experience."

Vinpearl Landmark 81 and its culinary creation Phở Chọc Trời was featured in an article of CNN Travel.

Ingredients to cook Phở Chọc Trời.  VNA/VNS Hồng Đạt

“The Oriental Pearl restaurant takes phở, the noodle soup that is arguably the country’s most famous dish – and makes it more upscale by using wagyu beef,” wrote the website.

Vinpearl Landmark 81 is located about 11km from Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, Việt Nam’s biggest and busiest airport. It also holds the title of the second tallest building in Southeast Asia, after Merdeka 118 in Malaysia, and is the world's 17th tallest building. 

The building has 81 floors, with a combined floor area of 241,000sqm. According to the designer, the tower's design is inspired by the traditional bamboo bundle which represents strength and unity in Vietnamese culture.

A view from Vinpearl Landmark 81, the tallest building in Việt Nam. VNA/VNS Hồng Đạt

In addition to being the highest building in the country, it is home to the highest observation deck in Việt Nam, and has highest bar and restaurant in Southeast Asia.

“We look forward to elevating the level of hospitality for local and international business and leisure travellers in this vibrant Vietnamese metropolis,” Vinpearl's general manager, Goetz Bauer, said.

“We hope to become a new beacon of light on the skyline, fostering meaningful connections between our cherished guests and the quintessential spirit of this compelling city.”  VNS









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