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Artbook celebrates Ha Noi

Partnership: The artbook marks the co-operation of two Vietnamese talents: realist painter Pham Binh Chuong and writer Le Nguyen Nhat Linh. — Photo Courtesy by betado.com
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HA NOI — An art book entitled Lang Pho (Quiet Streets) is now available for sale online.

The book marks the co-orperation of two Vietnamese talents: realism painter Pham Binh Chuong and writer Le Nguyen Nhat Linh, combining paintings from Chuong’s previous exhibitions on Ha Noi and Linh’s excerpts from her books on the capital.

Chuong, 45, graduated the fine arts faculty of Viet Nam University of Fine Arts in 1995, and is now a lecturer at the university. He has received many pretigious Vietnamese arts awards during 1997-99 and had an exhibition in Japan in 2016.

His four solo exhibitions include Xuong Pho 1 (Going Out The Street 1), Xuong Pho 2 (Going Out The Street 2), Cau chuyen ben le duong (The Story By The Roadside) and Golden Palace.

Talking about his art, he said, “When you paint, you should not be like anyone else. Realism is a narrow door, so I chose an unusual realism way. I am in love with classic because of its standard in layout and description. I am also drawn by natural colours, wild style with strong and blazing colours. Abstract is included in my arts too. I do not expect my subject on Ha Noi would be so much warmly welcomed. Viewers can see themselves in it. I think only realism can show it, since people can only touch, listen and even smell life in realism,” he said.  

Linh, 26, is a modern writer whose has had three books published.

She said as a writer, she needs to create ceaselessly and keeps on working, “I always set serious rules for myself. For example, keep it in mind during the creative process that if you step on your old path, or you reuse your idea, you will push yourself to the edge,” she said.

The art book is available in hard cover, with 1,000 copies on the website betado.com. VNS




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