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Argentine wines go on show in Ha Noi

Malbec World Day will be held at Sheraton Hotel on April 17th in Hà Nội. — Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Argentina in Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI — For the eighth consecutive year, on April 17th Argentina celebrates the Malbec World Day, an initiative that seeks to promote the flagship Argentinian wine in the world market.

In Việt Nam, the Embassy of Argentina along with Wines of Argentina (WOFA), the wine producer’s chamber responsible for the promotion of the “Vino Argentino" brand, is organising a new edition of Malbec World Day to be held at Sheraton Hotel in Hà Nội.

Under the slogan "MalbecArgentino: You know me and you don’t", this edition will put the accent on the richness and diversity of the flagship varietal of Argentinian wine, the full potential of which is yet to be discovered.

In the last decade Argentine viticulture has turned its gaze to terroir (how a region’s climate and soil affects the taste of its wine) to understand its influence on wines. In this ambitious challenge, Malbec has been the key: it became the tool for understanding each terroir and interpreting the differences. Malbec grew from 10 thousand hectares to 40 thousand in the 27 years from 1990 to 2017, reaching 62 per cent of the total exported Argentinian wine. The rapid growth of the Malbec wine industry opened the door to the discovery of a wide range of profiles of this single grape variety associated with terroir. A new generation has pushed the wine border westward, up into the Andes Mountains, as well as south and east, seeking both the cooler climate of the southern latitudes, and the influence of the ocean.

Being a thousand metres above sea level defines one style of Malbec, like in the Mendoza region, offering up ripe fruit flavours and spiciness, good body and voluminous tannins. The new frontiers in Patagonia and in Salta, with lower and higher altitudes, respectively, offer a profile of fresh and floral fruit, medium to full body, with juicy tannins and an abundance of freshness.

An unexplored universe for a world-recognised strain awaits.

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