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Good Book Awards of 2018 announced in HCM City

The covers of three books in the collection Doi Song Xa Hoi Viet Nam Duong Dai (Viet Nam’s Contemporary Social Life), winner of the 2018 Good Book Awards in the category of research. Photo courtesy of the organisers
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY — A collection of three books entitled Doi Song Xa Hoi Viet Nam Duong Dai (Viet Nam’s Contemporary Social Life) was named one of 14 winners of the 2018 Good Book Awards at an awards ceremony in HCM City on Sunday.

The awards were given to original Vietnamese literary works and Vietnamese translations from other languages in seven categories: research, education, economy, governance, children’s books, literature and new discoveries. 

The books were reviewed and evaluated by a panel of seven eminent researchers, educators, translators, writers and journalists. 

The three books, written by a group of Vietnamese researchers and authors led by anthropologist Nguyen Duc Loc, was the winner in the category of research, along with Ancient Society Or, Research in the Line of Human Progress from Savagery Through Barbarism to Civilisation by American anthropologist and social theorist Lewis Henry Morgan, translated by Nguyen Huu Thau.

The awards in the category of education were given to two books titled Day Con Trong “Hoang Mang” (Teaching Your Children “in Anxiety”) by Le Nguyen Phuong, and Beyond the Tiger Mom by global educator Maya Thiagarajan, translated by Huyen Trang and Thuy Tien.

Educator Gian Tu Trung, a member of the jury, said: “Both winning books focus on family education, which is considered the most important issue in today’s society”.

Chuyen Ngo Ngheo (Tales in a Poor Alley) by Nguyen Xuan Khanh and The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Czech-born French Milan Kundera, translated by Trinh Y Thu were winners in the literature category.

Begun in 2007, the Good Books Awards became an annual event organised by the Institute for Research on Educational Development and its partner Phan Chau Trinh Foundation.

It was initiated to recognise and honour authors, translators and publishers who have produced Vietnamese works that have contributed to expanding and enhancing the body of literature and knowledge available to the world in Vietnamese.

Philosophy researcher Bui Van Son Nam said: “The Good Book Awards is getting more attention from scholars and readers in Viet Nam. It aims to encourage the creation of high-quality literature in Vietnamese, spread the values of good books, and cultivate the reading habit in society.” — VNS

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