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National competition seeks talents for traditional art forms

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THANH HÓA — The central province of Thanh Hóa is hosting the National Traditional Art Talent Competition, where 200 up-and-coming traditional artists are now performing.

There will be performances of chèo (popular opera) and tuồng (classical opera) as well as excerpts from popular folk songs performed by the artists from approximately twenty different theatres and traditional art troupes across the country. 

Tạ Quang Đông, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, spoke at the opening ceremony, saying that the competition is a chance for performers to show their dedication to the industry, exhibit their talents and ambitions, and continue to stoke the flame of dedication to the arts upon which so many artists have built their careers. 

He went on to say that the competition also gives local residents and tourists who come to the province the chance to appreciate the one-of-a-kind creative and artistic heritage of the country.

Đầu Thanh Tùng, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Thanh Hóa, expressed his appreciation when the province was selected as the venue for the competition by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

He said: "This is an honour, and source of pride for Thanh Hóa, as well as an opportunity to introduce and promote the province's economy, society, history, culture, and tourism to people from all over the country.

"Additionally, through this event, provincial agencies and departments, particularly the culture, sports, and tourism sector, have the opportunity to continue to strengthen their responsibilities in the preservation and development of the nation's historic artistic legacy." 

The competition is being co-hosted by the culture ministry's Department of Performing Art, the Việt Nam Stage Artists Association, and the Thanh Hóa People's Committee from May 6 to 17.

It offers cultural administrators and heads of art departments the chance to critically evaluate the growth of traditional arts during the past few years and the work of various traditional artists with the goal to create appropriate policies that will preserve and encourage Vietnamese traditional art genres. VNS

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