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Tết celebration at communal house

Roast pig: A solemn offering ceremony is held in traditional style.
Viet Nam News

A Lunar New Year festival has been held at an ancient communal house in So Village, Cong Hoa Commune, Quoc Oai District, 20km west of Ha Noi.

The event, run by the Dinh Lang Viet (Vietnamese Communal House) Group, a Ha Noi-based community keen on preserving the ancient values of communal houses, gathered hundreds of locals, tourists.

It included a ceremony to erect cay neu, a tall bamboo tree. The bamboo pole is stripped of its leaves, except for a tuft on top so that it can be wrapped or decorated with red paper for good luck. Bows, arrows, bells and gongs are hung on the treetop with the hope that the bad luck of the past year is chased away and everyone has a happy New Year.

A traditional worship ceremony was held together with events featuring the art of calligraphy and folk singing.

Participants had the opportunity to cook traditional food such as chung (square, sticky rice cake) and che kho (sweetened bean pudding).

Both men and women participating in the gathering are encouraged to wear the Vietnamese traditional long dress. — VNS 




Mentoo: An ao dai fashion show for man is held at the site to encourage men to wear traditional long dress during Tet.
Brush strokes: Scholars offer the best of their calligraphy.
Big crowd: The event attracted hundreds of locals and tourists.
Sky high: Participants had a chance to cook traditional food such, as chung (square, sticky rice cake).
Games: Children join in a folk game at the site.
Lucky tree: A cay neu, a tall bamboo tree, is erected in the dinh yard. The bamboo pole is stripped of its leaves, except for a tuft on top so that it can be wrapped in red paper for luck.
Sing-along: An artist from An Thoi Xoan Singing Troupe performs. — VNS Photos Nguyen Le Hoang

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