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Water procession ritual held in Hải Dương province

‘Sacred’ water brought to the pagoda and used for a statue bathing ceremony.
Viet Nam News

HAI DUONG Hundreds of residents of the northern province of Hai Duong attended the Le ruoc nuoc (water-procession ritual) in Con Son Pagoda on Sunday.

A parade of monks and residents, dressed in ritual costumes, walked from the pagoda to nearby Con Son lake carrying a big vase to take "sacred" water. Delegates and monks traveled to the centre of the lake, which is considered the best place for clear water, by dragon boat. They also offered incense, notified deities, released birds, and prayed for water.

Le moc duc (Buddha statue bathing ceremony) was then performed in the pagoda.

The water procession ritual is among a series of events of Con Son-Kiep Bac Festival, which has nearly 700-year history. VNS

Young men carrying ‘sacred’ water back to the pagoda.
Hoang Thi Mai from Chi Linh District attends the ritual every year and is proud of her local traditional ritual.
The dragon boat stops to take provincial leaders and monks to the centre of the lake to collect ‘sacred’ water.
People dressed in ritual costume and carrying religious flags during the ritual.
Local residents reach Con Son lake.
Monks walking from Con Son Pagoda to Con Son Lake to collect ‘sacred’ water.
Thousands take part in water-taking ritual. — VNS Photos Hong Van

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