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7 places that are worth a visit in Điện Biên

By Quỳnh Hoa

Điện Biên Province has many charming places to visit, including historical heritage sites of the Điện Biên Phủ campaign such as Điện Biên Phủ Victory Museum, Hill A1, and Mường Phăng, where the Command Headquarters of the Việt Nam People's Army was located during the battle, and where General Võ Nguyên Giáp left numerous marks on the land, most notably the Điện Biên Phủ victory over the French.

Here are seven recommended places for those who intend to visit the province.

Pha Đin Pass

Pha Đin Pass is famous for its ruggedness with winding curves along the mountains and hills. Photo

Pha Đin Pass is 32km long, connecting the two provinces of Điện Biên and Sơn La. The highest point of the pass is 1,648m above sea level, with one side a cliff, and the other an abyss. It was also the starting place of the journey pulling pieces of artillery to the battlefront, and transporting food, weapons and ammunition during the campaign.

Pha Đin Pass is considered one of the "Four Great Northwest Passes" renowned for its rugged winding curves, mountains and hills, bringing a majestic beauty that inspires a lot of literary works.

A Pa Chải westernmost point

A Pa Chải border marker No 0 in Mường Nhé District’s Sín Thầu Commune.  Photo

For young people, passionate about adventurous backpacking and mountain climbing, A Pa Chải is an ethnic hamlet in Mường Nhé District’s Sín Thầu Commune, that cannot be missed.

Located on the top of Khoan La San Mountain, A Pa Chải is home to border marker No 0 at the coordinates 22°23'53″N 102°8'51″E.

The marker, completed on June 27, 2005, is made of granite. It is 2m high with three sides facing three countries Việt Nam, Laos and China. Each side has a name engraved on it. It is said that "when a rooster crows here, all three countries can hear it".

Walking along the mountain range, visitors can admire the wild beauty surrounded by majestic mountains, and the bright yellow colour of the fragrant ripe rice terraced fields below.

Pá Khoang Lake


PICTURESQUE: Discover the magic of nature at Pá Khoang Lake. VNA/VNS Photo 

 Located at 916m above sea level, with a basin area of 2,400ha, Pá Khoang Lake, the largest one in the province, is a highlight of eco-tourism.

Laying between Mường Phăng and Pá Khoang communes, the lake is inhabited by more than 300 species of animals and 700 species of plants. The atmosphere is fresh and cool, suitable for picnics with family and friends.

Visitors can row a boat on the rolling waves, reach into every corner of the islets on the lake, and discover the magic of nature. You can also walk through the forest to enjoy the scenery and visit villages of the Thai ethnic group. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. Guests will be invited to attend cultural exchanges, enjoy art and culinary dishes, such as sticky rice, bamboo-tube rice, grilled fish, smoked meat and more.

In winter, mist covers the lake surface, creating what looks like a magical watercolour painting. In summer, the lake surface is clear and gentle, reflecting the mountains, clouds, sky and dark green forests.

Thanks to its charming beauty and crystal water, this area is also known as "Hạ Long Bay on land." If you are looking for a great check-in location, don't miss this destination.

Mường Phăng Cherry Garden

Mường Phăng cherry blossom garden is not just a tourist destination, but also a symbol of the delicate combination of natural beauty and human devotion. Photo

Located in Điện Biên District, Mường Phăng Cherry Garden is a renowned destination for its dreamy cherry blossom trees.

Every spring, this area transforms into a flower paradise. Thousands of colourful cherry trees bloom, creating an impressive poetic landscape.

Taking photos or having a picnic under the shade of cherry blossoms here is a memorable experience for anyone who loves nature.

The cherry blossom garden in Điện Biên is not just a tourist destination, but also a symbol of the delicate combination of natural beauty and human devotion.

Pa Thơm Cave

Pa Thơm's impressive stones, stalactites, and stalagmites are ubiquitous and have made many tourists curious and come to explore and admire. Photo

Pa Thơm Cave in Điện Biên District’s Pa Thơm Commune is not only a natural wonder but also a holy place for the Điện Biên people. The cave is located up high on the side of a mountain, surrounded by a large, green primaeval forest.

Inside the cave, impressive stones, stalactites, and stalagmites are ubiquitous, leaving many tourists curious to explore and admire its dark mystery.

Along with its magnificent look, the local tales about love make Pa Thơm Cave a romantic and attractive destination for travellers everywhere.

Bản Phủ Citadel


Locals worship national hero Hoàng Công Chất, a symbol of the great solidarity of the nation when fighting against foreign invaders, in Bản Phủ Citadel.  Photo courtesy of Điện Biên Phủ Victory Museum

Bản Phủ Citadel (or Chiềng Lề Citadel) in Điện Biên District, 8km south of Điện Biên Phủ City centre, was built 200 years ago.

This place saw outstanding activities by the local peasant leader Hoàng Công Chất (1706-1769) who became a symbol of the great solidarity of the nation when fighting against Chinese invaders in the 18th century. The citadel has been much destroyed over the years but still retains its historical and cultural value.

In 1981, the citadel was ranked as a national historical and cultural heritage.

U Va hot springs

U Va Hot Mineral Springs Resort is a good choice for relaxing after hard working days. Photo

Located only about 15km from the city centre, and with a total area of 73,000sq.m, U Va Hot Mineral Springs Resort is a new tourist destination. The best time to come here is from November to April when it is cold.

After enjoying mineral bathing, visitors can take part in other group activities such as fishing, grilling fish, boiling eggs, playing tennis, cycling, badminton, and enjoying the music from the Dao and Mông ethnic groups.

With many strategies for strong tourism development, Điện Biên makes the most of its mineral water springs to serve the daily lives of the people here. VNS


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