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Lăng Cô Bay, a gem among the world's most beautiful bays

IDYLIC: Lăng Cô Bay. It has been 15 years since the site was recognised as one of the world's most beautiful bays. — Photo

By Lâm Giang

Lăng Cô Bay is renowned as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, boasting breathtaking natural scenery encompassing rivers, mountains, seas, and enchanting lagoons. This captivating destination continues to offer a plethora of fascinating attractions, eagerly awaiting visitors from all corners of the globe.

Situated in Lăng Cô Town, Phú Lộc District, Thừa Thiên Huế Province, the bay holds a strategic position between the major cities of Huế and Đà Nẵng, along the central heritage road "Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng – Former Royal Capital City Huế – Hội An Ancient Town – Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary."

BREATH TAKING: Lăng Cô Bay viewed from above. — Photo

The bay also lies along the East-West economic corridor, making it an integral part of the path of integration and development.

Lăng Cô Bay was elected as the 30th member of this prestigious club in May 2009, during the fifth Summit of the World's Most Beautiful Bays Club held in Setubal City in Portugal.

To mark the 15th anniversary of Lăng Cô Bay's recognition as one of the world's most beautiful bays, the People's Committee of Phú Lộc District [district government] is hosting a celebration entitled 'Lăng Cô - Beautiful Bay in the World - 15 years of construction and development' on May 10-12.

Nguyễn Hải Đăng, vice chairman of the Phú Lộc District People's Committee, said they will be promoting everything about Lăng Cô Bay during the event, showcasing the district's tourism potential and strengths to both domestic and international tourists. The event organisers hope to attract investment, foster tourism development and contribute to making tourism a key economic sector for the district.

JUST LOVELY: Lăng Cô Bay, a gem among world's most beautiful bays. — Photo

The celebration programme will feature 18 exciting activities, offering visitors a fresh, friendly and hospitable welcome to Lăng Cô. The highlight of the programme is the inauguration of the Nguyễn Văn walking street along Lập An Lagoon, where the main activities of the 15th anniversary programme will take place.

Other festivities include a night art programme, traditional and modern cultural and sports activities such as paragliding to explore the stunning Lăng Cô Bay from the air, a fishing festival, running events and boat racing.

Beyond stimulating tourism for the upcoming summer season, the programme aims to establish a foundation for future years, positioning Lăng Cô as an alluring destination within Việt Nam.

Phạm Hữu Chung, head of the Department of Culture and Information of Phú Lộc District, emphasised the honour and pride that comes with being a member of the World's Most Beautiful Bays Club. However, he noted that the title is not permanent and is contingent upon criteria related to landscape, environment and social impact.

Fortunately, after 15 years, Lăng Cô Bay remains a member of the cub, as confirmed through the World Beautiful Bays Council meetings.

FEELING BLUE: Lăng Cô, a beautiful bay that captivates people's hearts. — Photo

According to Chung, compared to other regions in the province, Phú Lộc has abundant natural assets for tourism, including its seas, lagoons, forests, mountains, and natural landscapes. 

Phú Lộc is also home to Bạch Mã National Park, located within the pristine forest ecosystem of the majestic Trường Sơn mountain range, as well as the Trúc Lâm Bạch Mã Zen Monastery.

The district boasts renowned beaches such as Hàm Rồng, Cảnh Dương, Bình An and Bãi Chuối. Additionally, Chân Mây deep-water port could accommodate super yachts for over 5,000 people.  VNS

LOVE IN THE LAGOON: Opposite Lăng Cô Bay, on the other side of National Highway 1A, is Lập An Lagoon which is also worth exploring.  Photo

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