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Art by beloved singer posted online

Life of an artist: One of 50 paintings by Son is now on display online.

Life of an artist: One of 50 paintings by Son is now on display online.

HCM CITY — Fifty paintings by celebrated musician Trinh Cong Son are on display online, giving his fans all over the world the rare chance of discovering the world, people and love through their icon's paintings instead of music.

The highlights among the works on include Son's portrait sketches.

The works, done on various mediums, were created during different periods in his life, ranging from the time he lived as a young man in Hue until his death in HCM City in 2001.

The paintings are also set to be physically displayed at the city's Fine Arts Museum from April 9 to 15.

The exhibition will then tour Hue from April 22 to 25.

Son, born in Hue in 1939, became popular in 1957 with his very first song, Uot Mi (Crying Eyes).

He went on to become southern Viet Nam's most famous songwriter and author of several anti-war collections like Ca Khuc Da Vang (Yellow-skinned People's Songs), Kinh Viet Nam (Vietnamese Prayer), and Ta Phai Thay Mat Troi (We Must See The Sunlight).

They were extremely popular with students and other youths in what was then Sai Gon during the American War in the 1960s and 70s.

His romantic albums, such as Ru Tinh (Lullaby To Love), Khoi Troi Menh Mong (Smoke in the Open Sky) and Tu Tinh Khuc (My Lyric Songs), continue to be loved by millions.

After liberation in 1975, Son continued to compose, enjoying great success with both his lyrics and melodies.

He became known country-wide for his songs in praise of post-war life like Huyen Thoai Me (Mother's Legend), Em Ra Nong Truong, Anh Ra Bien Gioi (Girls to Farms, Boys to the Border), and Sai Gon Mua Xuan (Sai Gon in Spring).

He passed away of illness a decade ago. — VNS

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