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Exhibition shows modern society through pop art

Bua No (A Feast) by Bui Quoc Khanh.
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HA NOI — Various problems inherent in modern society are reflected in the dazzling colours and images in paintings by Bui Quoc Khanh.

The artist opened Mot Vong Di (The Circle of Life), his very first solo exhibition, yesterday in Ha Noi showcasing 15 oil paintings of various sizes.

Through the paintings, the artist tackles social issues such as environment, education, social networks, plastic surgery and others, in a decorative pop-art style.

His paintings show a vibrant, multi-tone space with bright, lively, contrasting colours with interlaced, overlapping shapes and many details.

All resonate together to create a stuffed, cramped feeling about a world where materials take over, values decline, and blended with them are human faces, confused yet expressionless, aware yet immature, satisfied yet insecure. But above all, there is a feeling of imbalance.

“With a decorative merged pop-art style, the artist portrays it all with a light humour, that doesn’t give off a heavy feeling, but in contrast, it is very interesting for the audience,” said art journalist Truong Uyen Ly.

"Through his works, Khanh wants to convey the philosophy of a circle of life of each of us: when we were born, each put one foot into the circle of their life. By walking through many smaller circles, they will have to complete their grand circle, failures or successes, happiness or sorrow, they are all in the circle.”

Khanh said that the exhibition, or his art, is also a circle. That philosophy inspires the name for the exhibition.

“Visitors may find it cramped and stuffy when viewing my works,” he said.

“It’s life, busy, troubled and always moving. The paintings urge visitors to stand silently and contemplate them carefully to understand all of the details.”

While creating his pieces, Khanh often had to rest after two or three hours painting because he felt dizzy. The first reason is the scent of the paint, he said.

And the second reason is the strong colours of the paintings making his eyes tired.

“The exhibition shows stories of contemporary society in Viet Nam, which is colourful, changing and a hub of different cultures with many elements,” he said.

He wants to send a message that people should look back at the way they go, what they have done, is it right or wrong and if the price they have to pay for something is worthy or not.

Khanh was born in 1983 in Ha Noi and graduated from the Viet Nam University of Fine Arts in 2014 then got a master’s degree in 2017. Now he works as a lecturer at the Ha Noi College of Art. Khanh has taken part in many group exhibitions and art projects in and out of the country.

The exhibition will run until October 15 at the Exhibition House, 29 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. — VNS

Duy Nhat (The Only One) by Bui Quoc Khanh.

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